Happy New Years!

happy-new-yearHappy New Years! For a long time I have wanted to get this blog off of the ground.  Finally with a bit of spare time before a New Years vacation I have tinkered with everything and can make the first post.

We are rather new Real Estate Investors from the Inland Empire of Southern California who have been closely watching the prices fall in our area.  In June of 2008 we started making offers on properties with the intention to flip them and over 100 offers later we got our first deal accepted.  Since then we have completed or in progress on 10 additional homes.

Our experience so far has been great and we have not had to learn to many things the hard-way.  For the most part we have come in on or under budget.  With the next couple posts I will provide some more specifics on how we got started and how our typical deals are set up.

Wishing everyone a very successful 2009!

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