House #3, The Break-Ins, Corner Lots…

home-break-in-1House #3 is in what we thought was a good area of our farm.  We did get a smoking deal.  After we purchased it, we realized the street was a little bit busier then we thought, but figured we would be okay.

Fast forward 90 days later and we have had a whole run in of break-ins:

  • Our Real Estate Agents sign has been tagged numerous times, we just keep it inside the front window now.
  • Someone broke-in and stole half of our staging furniture.  They even stole the candle stands and the towels in the bathroom.
  • Someone took a rock to the sprinker
  • Someone broke on of the new garage windows and was sleeping inside.  We caught him and chased him away.
  • The next day, he broke one of the kitchen windows to get in and wrecked the door between the garage and house (he used a rock to try to break in).

The good news, we pretty much have this baby in escrow with a buyer who wants the property bad.  He has helped us chase away this bandit and has made friends with the neighbor to “protect his house”.  We are just crossing our fingers it makes it through escrow.  Home inspection should be no problem.  We are thinking the appraisal should be good.  Because it is an FHA buyer, the chances of him getting approved for a loan are very high.  So chances are good as long as he wants the house it will close.

Honestly, when people said do not buy corner lots I never really understood.  Now you can add me to the list of a person who will never buy a corner lot.  I read somewhere that break-ins are 3x as likely in corner lots and carbon moxide pollutants are 80% higher then other houses.

If you do not want to be driving by your house with a bat to protect it at 10-11pm every night, maybe this isn’t the business for you!

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