House #9 Closed – Accepted Offer on House #3

House #9
Everything on House #9 went as planned, which is not very common in this business.  The escrow company that the bank picked I was nervous about, my agent has had numerous bad experiences with them.  At the end of the day, they did a professional job of being organized and getting everything done super fast.  My only complaint is they are extremely expensive (3x what I normally pay).  Luckily, I asked for a discount and received about a $500 discount between the two transactions.

House #3
I don’t think I have blogged at all about House #3 yet, but we closed on this one at the end of October and we have probably received ten full price offers, all 10 of which have been FHA offers.  This 90 day flip rule really sucks!  Our day 91 is next Friday, so we have a couple that wants the house bad enough, they have written us a check and we have started to sign documents.  Hopefully we can get this escrow closed within about 21 days, so by the middle of February.  We did insist that their earnest money deposit should go hard within 5 business days.

Overall, that makes a pretty good day for us.  Sorry for no update on Thursday, but my internet was down all-day.  Let me tell you it is hard to get anything done without the internet!

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