Working… or hardly working?

I have not had time to post very much lately.  I wish I could say it was because I was off on vacation, but we have been swamped closing properties, getting permits and fixing what we got.

House #3 – In Escrow (or Close)
This house should be in escrow today at a solid above asking price offer.  There has been two or three days of delay getting it into escrow, but it seems like the buyer is thinking it is his already, which makes the chances of him closing pretty high.  Crossing my fingers.

House #5 – On Market
We finished repairs on this one and had an open house this weekend!  Because of the FHA 90 day flip rule we have listed it quite high and have about 45 days before we can even take an FHA offer anyways.  So we are planning to just sit back and see if we can somehow get a conventional offer.  I will post some pictures of the finished product shortly.

House #6 – Under Repairs
Our contractors have been hitting this house hard!  It is starting to look awesome.  Our budget one this one was $30,000 and it really shows that we can pretty much make the house totally brand new in 30 days for that amount.

Fire Place – Before


Fire Place – After


House #4 – Just got Permits
House #4 is a huge job!  We closed in October and tore it to the studs and worked on getting permits for a 500 sq ft kitchen addition.  We got this property real cheap, and it’s in a pretty good neighborhood, so we are going to do well, but it might take a little while along the way.

House #8 – Should Close Escrow this Week
We should purchase this house tomorrow.  Our repair budget is a cheap $14,000 and we are hoping to be in and out in about a week, but we will see.

Will post some before and after pictures of House #5 shorty!

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