House #6 – A couple offers…

p3010003Our FHA 90 day period is about to expire on House #6 so we lowered the price and started to market it more aggressively.  Much to our delight Sunday afternoon we received a full price offer (with some concessions).  We countered them and have not heard back… we cannot put it into escrow until Thursday anyways.  So I was waiting patiently, but still getting quite a few calls on agents looking at the property.

This afternoon an agent called and started to ask a lot of details.  We mentioned the other offer.  About 1 hr after speaking with her she called back with an offer about 8% over asking price with 6% back in concessions.

We countered back a couple minor points to the agent and she called saying the client have agreed.  Now the challenge will be closing escrow.  The buyer’s credit score is a bit low, but they have a pre-approval letter from a loan officer and some money in the bank.

Hopefully, my next update about House #6 will be telling everyone it is sold!

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