House #8 – Ready to be Listed

While I am busy putting all my paperwork together for tax time, I figured I would take a break and write a blog post.

House #8 is finished today.  We are sure proud of how it turned out.





The outside of this house was pretty good and we did not end up changing very much.  We only ended moving one palm tree.

The biggest difference is in the kitchen.



During (Yuck)




One more picture…

During (I guess I did not take a “Before”)




So I listed it Friday at 4pm.  I got 3 phone calls Friday night.  We even got an offer, someone without an agent, who called based on our sign wanted to negotiate a little bit.  It is listed at $239,900 and he made an awesome $160,000 offer (telling us we where too high) – LOL. Obviously, I turned it down.

This wasn’t my favorite house, it is in a great area, but our margin is pretty tight.  The city this property is in we have never worked in, so I am not really comfortable with pricing in the area.  After all the action I am thinking we are going to do well on this property.

One agent that called did mention she was going to bring a client who can make VA offer (which I think is not affected by the 90 day FHA rule).  If they brought an offer, it sure be nice to put this property in escrow and close it far before our 90 days are even finished!


House #5 we are having two different agents hold an open house tomorrow (at different times).  This house is less than a mile from House #6 which we got five plus offers on.  House #6 is listed 20k hire, but has a 20,000 sq ft lot.  House #5 is still a large lot, but only 9,700 sq ft.  I can’t see that making such a big difference.  Hopefully, we will get some offers coming in.

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