Lucky House #13

We didn’t just buy this one, I just “took a break” from blogging so you don’t know about this one.

Escrow closed April 24, 2009, it was a small 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom very close to House #5.  This house was built in 1954 and it has no master bedroom, so we decided to add a second bathroom and a walk in close off of the front room.  In hindsight, this probably was not a great decision.  Cheap properties are selling extremely fast right now, and eventhough a 3/1 is not very desirable it would of sold fast, especially if we priced it right.

It’s too late and we’re well on our way.

Here was the outside early on in the demolition process.


The addition adds 10 feet off of the house and here is what the layout looks like.


The funny part is the walk in closet addition is almost bigger then the “master bedroom.”  But, once again, it is what is is.

Repairs will probably be done at the end of June and we will have about two weeks before our FHA 90 day period is up.  We will list it and see how many offers we get.

Wish us luck, I will upload another set of pictures when it is done.

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