Finally got one!

P7010006Well, after many offers, we finally got an accepted one.  This house is an okay deal and we most likely planning to wholesale it.  We can probably make 60-70% of the profit we’d regularly make fixing and flipping versus wholesaling.

It is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom with a pool.  A big house at 1,400 sq ft.  The biggest down, is it has a gravel roof, whoever came up with this concept is an idiot.  Not only are they ugly, but they’re a pain to maintain.

We where close on a rental and another good fix and flip, but the agents called and said we got outbid on the rental (only by about 22,000).  The fix and flip ended up going to auction, I’m sure the bank will get more then we where offering at the auction, but it is a negative becaue I thought we where pretty close, we came up to 5,000 lower then the bank countered us at.  Oh well, we will move on…

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  1. Jason Harris says:

    I would love to speak with you just once. Im a beginnig wholesaler and just have a few questions.

    What does it mean by the “numbers making sense” can you clarify?

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