House #11 – The Rundown & House #8 Sold

Both House #8 and House #11 are both SOLD :)!!!

Fittingly enough, we bought them 2 days apart from the same agent and sold them on the same, just over 5 months later.

I have already posted pictures of House #8, but have posted very little about House #11.

It is a townhouse unit quite far from where we normally buy.  One of our favorite agents who now no longer works this area told us that he thought it was a decent deal and helped us get it at a quite price!!  It is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom unit that is 1,280 sq ft and built in the 80’s.  I am a little bit disappointed we did not decide to rent this one as it would of worked out quite well for us!

Front – Before


Front – After


Kitchen – Before


Kitchen – After


Master Bedroom – Before


Master Bedroom – After


This property was a great learning experience for me.  We accepted a really high VA Loan offer, and it took 21 days just go an appraisal through, as the money had to be transferred through all kinds of government agenencies.   NEVER AGAIN, will I accept a VA offer in this market coniditions.  The appraiser is assigned randomly and the appraisal came in well under the accepted offer number.  After waiting so long, we weighed our options and just decided to work with the buyer and take less money for it.  The agent made some great concessions and ended up making almost nothing on this deal, which I probably wouldn’t allow again, because it definitely affects their attitude toward the deal and getting stuff done.  Live and learn!

Glad to see this one closed!

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