House #13 – Rehab Moving Forward

P6280019The rehab of House #13 is going great, no major problems or budget over runs.  We could have been finished by now, but the FHA 90 day period is not up for another 3 weeks, so we aren’t rushing things.  We did a 175 sq ft addition (bathroom and walk in closet) to this house, which we probably didn’t need to, but live and learn.  The kitchen is the main thing that is not finished yet.  They are installing cabinets right now, granite tomorrow and carpet goes in on Friday or Saturday.

House #13 is very close in location to House #5 and the sales comps in this area have actually gone up a bit since we bought it.  We are going to do okay profit wise, but not make great money, we spent a little bit too much for the neighborhood, but sometimes that happens.

If you’ve looked through any of our pictures the color scheme is almost the same in all of our houses.   It’s kind of boring, but it makes our life easy and they look good.  Might as well stick with what works!

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