House #15 – Will Close Purchase Escrow on Monday

P7240002We should close on House #15 on Monday, we have been ready to close all week, but we have been waiting for the bank to send us the Grant Deed.  It is an extremely cheap house, 2 bedroom 1 bathroom and we are planning to sell it completely rehabed for $120-130k.

The house has very minor fire damage and the City has already recognized this and added a code enforcement lien to the property.  Overall, this house should be a quick 3 week rehab.

  • Completely new Kitchen
  • Replace Fire Damaged Drywall
  • Repaint Exterior of House
  • Replace All Windows
  • Figure out what to do with the garage

This house will definitely end up selling to an FHA buyer.  So we won’t be able to sell it until the end of October because we have to wait for the FHA 90 day rule.

Terrible Addition to the Garage




We should have this house looking pretty again in no time!

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