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real_estate_technologyI thought I would take sometime to summarize the tools I use everyday, that make my life much easier!  Real Estate Investors need to be specialists in multi-tasking.  Everyday we need to knock tons of things off of our to do list!

Fax to Email Service
I send and receive over 400 pages a month.  All agents that offer on my properties, all properties we send offers on.  Typically I use our home faxline to fax to my efax and email it to agents, escrow officers, etc.  This gives us a digital copy of everything and allows us to email people, which they seem to like more.  I currently use and it is awesome.

Blackberry or iPhone
Is part of our business to be on the road a lot.  Investors are constantly looking at new properties, managing our rentals or flips, networking and meeting with agents, we need to be able to see what else is going on.

  • Mobile MLS
    Many MLS are going mobile.  If you drive by a property you want the combo or more info on you can typically access the MLS via your smart phone!  You don’t have to call anyone, simply plugin the address and get inside!
  • Text Messaging
    I never make the combo of our finished properties public.  I want to get an idea of who and how many people are looking at our properties.  I typically put something like the following in my properties Agent Remarks.

    “Owner is a licensed agent.  Please email, text message (123) 456-7890 or call (123) 456-7890 for the combo.  We will respond quickly.”

    This seems to work well.

  • Mobile Email Access
    I do a ton of communication with agents and escrow officers via email.  If I am on the road I do not want to miss any of these messages as they could delay our transactions.  I can quickly respond to anything…

In Car GPS
If you cover an area of any size, you will be looking at a lot of properties.  You want to be able to find them fast and easily, you can get a decent GPS system for just over $100.  Easily worth it…

These are the main tools I use everyday.

What do you guys use to make your business more productive!

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  1. Mathew says:

    I’m a member on and came across one of your articles that linked to your blog. I’m glad I came here because I’ve just spent the last three hours reading like 50 of your articles. They’re good reads and have good ideas.

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