Close of Escrow – House #16 & House #18


House #18 "Kitchen"

Tomorrow we are closing our purchase escrow on House #16 and House #18.  We probably will not start the rehab process for 30 days on either though.  Both are likely going to go to an FHA buyer and we need to wait 90-days to sell to them, due to the 90-Day FHA Rule.

House #17 should close Friday next week if everything stays on track (who knows if it will or wont) and as soon as we close escrow on this one we are going to start the rehab.  It is in a good better town and there is a chance we can sell this one conventionally.  So we are going to make this the top priority and hoping to have all the remodel done by the end of September.

It everything goes as planned, House #4, House #12, and House #13 should all close escrow this month, which will be a nice surprise, if it happens.  We are out shopping for more properties and would like one more flip and two rentals in September.  It sounds like we are going to get another one under contract tomorrow (it’s on the same street as House #18) and it has almost 1-acre of land.

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