Escrow Company Lost the Grant Deed – House #16

California_Grant_DeedJust a quick note for today, but I thought we where supposed to close House #16 yesterday.  I tried calling the escrow office three times and never got a return phone call.  After that, I called the Listing Agent and asked him what the deal is, he said he would call and get some more info.

It turns out the escrow company involved lost the Grant Deed the bank gave them.  So now the owner (the bank) has to get the Grant Deed re-notarized, send it to escrow, and escrow has to send it to the county.  So best case scenario we will record on Wednesday.

This is frustrating as we have all the money sitting in escrow, waiting for the property to close.  The Listing Agent told me the bank is absolutely furious over this mistake, as they should be.  But, they picked the escrow company, and I would imagine they will not be picking them again for a while.

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