Pulling the Best Comparables (Realist Tax)

A long time ago I spoke about how I used a very small part of Zillow to help with my price analysis.  They changed their site, to no longer allow quick sorting on their “Search Nearby Sales” which basically makes the tool a lot less useful for me.  But even before that I found a tool that I liked a lot better.

The MLS I am a member of has a Title company data feed that proves to be very useful for pulling comps.  On a subject property I typically do the following search.


The Criteria I use

  • Plus and minus 15 years
  • Plus and minus 200 sq ft
  • The comps from the last 3 months
  • Within 1 mile radius of the subject property


Here is a copy of the results it spits out, obviously some are better then others, so I then pick the three or four best properties and base my price off of that.  If it does return any good comparable properties I typically expand my radius to a bigger zone.

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