What sets the experienced investors apart?

real-estate-investor-bailout_1_By no means do I consider myself a seasoned pro in this business.  As I broaden my search for additional property, I have been going back to the basics and think about what worked at the start.

The Experienced Investor

  • Is always looking at property and ready to buy.
  • Can trust their gut instincts on property.
  • Has existing relationships and connections in the business
  • Knows what works.
  • Is willing to turn down a the wrong deal.
  • Works Smart.
  • Has a pulse on the market.
  • Works on multiple projects concurrently.

The Rookie Investor

  • Doesn’t know where to start.
  • Isn’t sure if this business is long-term.
  • Tries to make every deal work
  • Works hard, but not always smart.
  • Talks about market trends and the best strategies.
  • Can only do one project at a time.

Only one thing will move you from the rookie to the investor column.  You must get out there and buy property.  Learn from your mistakes, once something works, rinse and repeat.

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