Rehab Update on House #17

House #17

In Progress Picture

The farther House #17 comes along the more I like it.  Here is the latest picture from today.  We put stucco over the bricks on the garage on added stucco and some design over the pillars that hold the porch up.  Obviously, we need to do our color cote on portions of the stucco still.

Originally, I thought this was going to be kind of a tight deal profit margin wise, but if we can get it to appraise we will have no problems selling it.  It is in the same city House #1 was in, and even though they are about 2 miles apart this house is 500-600 sq ft bigger and located in a better area.  We are planning on putting it on the market for $20,000 less than we sold House #1 for. Maybe a sign of how much pricing has fallen in the last 12 months.

Before Picture of the Front

The Front (Before)

The Front (Before)

Here is a picture of the kitchen.


That is all for this evening.  Sorry these pictures are not the best!

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