Rental House – House #19

Soon to Be Kitchen

Soon to Be Kitchen

House #19 is going to be our second rental property.  Remodeling should be complete in 2 weeks or so.  The picture to the left is what is going to be the kitchen.

The layout of this house was really bad, it had numerous code violations and the asset manager was seriously debating demolishing it until we came along.  We had our designer do a drawing of the property so we could plan a better layout.  The previous owners added a bad addition behind the kitchen and they added two bedrooms and a bathroom to the garage.

Click for a full screen of the layout:


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We are completely removing the additions in the garage and the ATF Living Area behind the kitchen.  This will get code enforcement to take the lien off of the property.  Layout wise, everything else is staying pretty similar.  We are expanding Bathroom 2 a little bit, but it still is really small.


Not much else to say about this property.  We don’t have a renter lined up for this one, so we will see how it goes once it is finished, but I am hoping to have a tenant in it before October is over.

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