Cash Offer on House #17

CashOfferWe just got our third offer on House #17 today, and it was almost full-price cash.  The family is wanting to move closer to their sick mother and sold their house closer to LA.

This is not the first offer we have received on one our properties, someone gave us a cash offer on House #11, but we had already accepted another offer, so it was too late.

I issued a counter to this offer pretty quick, nothing major, just named the escrow company and increased their earnest money deposit a little bit.  They have not sent back the executed counter back yet, so we will see what happens.

I do have two other offers in, one is higher and one is pretty close.  They did offer a 15 day close of escrow, which would work for us and definitely save us some closing costs.   Hopefully we can get escrow opened up on Monday.

The marketing is a bit slow on House #15.  Our FHA 90 day period is just coming up, so we started marketing the property to FHA buyers.

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