Code Enforcement – House #17

PA050059About a month ago some of the workers told me a city vehicle drove past the property and was taking pictures of it.  For obvious reasons this concerned me but I hadn’t heard from anyone so I forgot about.  Until this morning, right after I made the Before and After post I got a voice mail on my cell phone from a lady at the city office politely asking for a call back.  House #17 is in a city with a very aggressive Code Enforcement department.  The residence I live in has had violations for over-grown weeds in the trail behind us (which supposedly we are responsible for).

I weighed my options, should I ignore the message, should I be proactive and call back?  After thinking about it, I figured if we did something the city didn’t like I might as well deal with it right now.  After getting through to her extension I left a message with my contact information.

Fast-forward to the afternoon and I get a call from Mary.  She told me she was calling about House #17 and wanted to compliment us on the job well done!  Wow, all the possibilities that had run through my mind earlier, I definitely was thinking she was going to thank us for fixing the house.  I figured at best I could negotiate to a warning for something we had done wrong.

She had an active case on the house because it was abandoned by the previous owners.  I guess she had called the listing agent and they mentioned that they sold it to us and because of the past projects we have done she said she remembered our name and was going to give us a chance to fix the property.  Anyways forgive me celebratory post, but I thought I just had to share something.

I am trying to get some pictures taken of some of the properties we have in escrow.

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  1. J Scott says:

    I’m looking forward to the day our Code Enforcement folks call me just to congratulate me! :)
    .-= J Scott´s last blog ..House #12: Appraisal Woes =-.

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