House #23 Wholesaled

PA020018I just got back from House #23 to meet the wholesale buyer and one of the “middleman.”  About a month ago one of my colleagues introduced use do one of the biggest wholesalers in the area.

He helped us sell House #21 and he is working on the duplex (thinking one of his buyers is going to submit an offer tomorrow) and he also brought in a buy for House #23.  This buyer said the deal was a little “too tight” for him personally, but was going to sell it to one of his friends.

Push comes to shove and there is myself, a wholesaler, another wholesaler and the end buyer in this deal.  Made things kind of difficult, but we finally all came together and got the property sold.  No one is making that much money, but it was just enough to make it happen and we are going to move on.

This buyer is going to close my escrow and I am going to give him a copy of the deed in exchange for our commission.  He is going to record the deed at the county himself, that way we do not have to do two escrows.  I am excited that it looks like I can really ramp wholesaling up, and we are working a ton of rehab houses right now.

House #19
We put in counter tops today, we need to put in french doors and it should be rent ready by the end of next week.  We ended up fixing this place up way too nice to be a rental property, but lesson learned, oh well…

House #18
We have almost ten guys working at this property yesterday and today and we finished what we needed to and are going to start painting tomorrow. It probably is 2 weeks from completion.

House #20
This is going to be a rental too and we are really trying to keep a tight budget for this house.  It is huge, almost 2,000 sq ft and really a great property.  We finished our plans and we have a crew starting demo there tomorrow.

House #16
This one is a bit on the back burner… we are trying to finish some of the rentals up and we should have this one ready right around our 90th FHA day.  Demo is done.

House #22
I closed escrow on this one yesterday.  We need to make plans, but one of our workers wants to rent it.  We’ve agreed to a number so now we just have to get it ready for him.

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  1. Looking good. I have been following your wholesale deals.

    A deal is a deal, and great that the new buyer is going to record the deed themselves.

    Congrats and keep it up. You inspire newb wholesalers like myself.

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