House #26 – Latest Walkthrough

PB200028Things are really rolling along for House #26.

  • We got workers to fix and replace the cabinets for the kitchen and the built in media center (total cost $1,200).
  • We have three or four of our workers fixing the electrical, they are probably 75% done after to days of work.
  • We got a deal on some used wrott iron that is going to work pretty good (total cost $7,000).
  • We are working on used appliances that is going to be one of the more expensive projects – they’re probably $10,000 new.
  • A pool guys has given us a quote to replace some equipment, fix the under ground leak, clean and pressure wash the pool for $2,400.  The pool alone takes 4 motors I guess.
  • We got all the doors hung and pulled all the plywood of the windows, that didn’t need any replacing.
  • We are going to start patching the drywall tomorrow
  • Paint should start Friday, or so, the painter can start in sections that don’t need as much patching.
  • The cement in the toilets didn’t make it to the pipes, but someone poured cement down the master tub, which we fixed and the master shower drain (we might have to cut into the downstairs ceiling to replace some pipe to fix this).

Overall, we are extremely pleased with the progress, so far everything has gone quite smooth.  Here is the latest video walkthrough.

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  1. Matt says:

    Ahhhhh… the old cement down the drains trick!!

    I’ve heard of people doing that but have never seen it first hand.
    .-= Matt´s last blog ..Giving Thanks for Easy Rehabs =-.

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