And who said for rent signs don’t work?

Since I am a young self proclaimed “internet guru” I thought I would have a leg up on other landlords because I can post houses for sale and rent on CraigsList faster than most.  Six months later, all it takes is doing things the good old fashioned way, three signs per house: one in the front window and two on the yard.

We put signs up on two properties this weekend and this is what I have waiting for me tomorrow. People have weird habits when calling signs.  It seems like two out of five leave messages and some people have a habit of calling three to five times in a row (if you do not pick up).  I guess that is called persistence?

Here is a list of the voice mails I have waiting for me, for tomorrow morning:

Lastly, I am willing to admit how wrong I am.  In reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, by Keller he said for every For Sale sign you put on a property you typically generate one buyer (not necessarily for that house, but a buyer that will buy another house).  I just can’t believe how well old fashion marketing works!

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2 Responses to “ And who said for rent signs don’t work? ”

  1. qknic says:

    This is also my clients recipe for success with his tri/fourplexs!
    it works!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Do you recommend that book? Any books you highly recommend to read? There are so many real estate books out there….I don’t have that much time!

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