Video Walkthrough of House #29

Things are going better on House #29.  As I posted earlier, the company that sold it to us is very un-organized and in charge with lining up the retail buyer.  We put some extraordinary pressure on them and they had their Buyer do some things that showed us a lot of confidence.

The Buyer removed all contingencies and agreed to make his $40k+ deposit non-refundable early on in the process (before appraisal or loan approval).  He also agreed to buy the property as-is and without a home inspection.  I felt kind of awkward asking for these things and expected a negotiation, but they send the signed docs back shortly after.

Since the Buyer has got loan approval and we should be getting loan docs by tomorrow.  So this house should close by the end of the week.

Here is a video tour I took of the house last month.

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