February 2010 Goal Review

Well, another month is down, so it is time to update the world on what we accomplished in February.

So we are on track again for February.  Three more purchases, that makes 6 so far this year.  House #35 was supposed to close in February, but I just got HOA docs on Saturday, so it should be recording tomorrow.  I am little worried about how many purchases we are going to do in March, but we are making a ton of offers so I am confident we will get something.

Get to 20 rentals properties (not units)

We are now up to twelve rentals.  Nine are rented, one is for rent, one is getting repaired and one is just closing escrow.

Make 36 Purchases (Rentals, Retail or Wholesale)

Like I mentioned above we are on track, with six purchases so far this year.  Three a month.  I was hoping to be ahead of schedule in February, but that is not how things worked out.  On the sales side, we have pretty much everything sold and in-escrow so that is going really smooth.

Raise $250,000 in Private Money – Accomplished

We raised a 1st trust deed on a property, so consider this goal accomplished for right now.  I am thinking we might be able to double or triple this goal.

Now it’s time for you guys to give me an update on how your February was.  Mike Z, QkNic, BJ Fitzgerald, Stephen J. Moore, Jennifer how are you doing?

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4 Responses to “ February 2010 Goal Review ”

  1. qknic says:

    One property remodeled and on the market, one property 3weeks from being finished. Tracking down some good land deals to build a few houses. Right on track! so far so good.

  2. Jennifer says:

    First of four flips should be remodeled and on the market this Monday 3/8/10…finally :) Purchased second house – escrow closed last week and work should start this Monday 3/8/10. Completed all open book exams for real estate license, CA DRE cashed my exam fee so just waiting for a test date to get my license. YAY! Nothing done on the building of my own house…..really need to decide what I am going to do on that. I go back and forth almost on an hourly basis on what I am going to build. So indecisive…

  3. Jennifer says:

    I cannot believe you are already on house #35! That is amazing! Congrats and good luck for more :)

  4. Mike Z says:

    Sorry been out of the country for 10 days and away from “the net”. Just closed my second house (end of Feb) and I have a 3rd property in Escrow. That means 3 down and our goal of 10 for the year.
    Thanks for the follow up

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