House #32 – Before and After + Other Updates

I just finished listing House #32 on the MLS.  The rehab went smooth, we ended up framing in a fourth bedroom and it turned out really spacious.  Next time I’m out that way I will take a video of it.

The kitchen turned out great and overall, I like the house a lot.  Great neighborhood with a spacious layout, but I am a bit bias.

Front – Before

Front – After

Before – Porch

After – Porch

Before – Kitchen

After – Kitchen

Before – Fireplace

After – Fireplace

Before – Bathroom

After – Bathroom

Before – Hall

After – Hall

Update on House #30

We rented House #30 to some great tenants on Monday.  We broke down and put it in the MLS and got a ton of interest and phone calls, but at the end of the day we ended up renting it to someone who called from the sign.  They gave a full deposit, plus a non-refundable pet fee.

Escrow for House #16

House #16 is by far the oldest non-rental house we own.  The buyer has approval and the bank is drawing docs and going to send them to escrow.  So it should be closed by the end of the week.  That will make House #32 our most recent house in “work in progress.”  That is great we are happy with how lean we are running on inventory right now.

Update on Acquisitions

We have been making offers like crazy lately.  In the last couple of weeks we put three in escrow, two are firm and one is a short-sale and we are waiting on the bank to approve the HUD.  I think it looks good.  They’re all pretty great deals, but we are shopping very hard for about three more.  I have a 10 day vacation for April so I want to make sure we get a head start.

Happy buying!  Wish us luck.

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5 Responses to “ House #32 – Before and After + Other Updates ”

  1. Wanda Seldon says:

    House flippers are greedy jerks. They’ll take a perfectly humble, AFFORDABLE house and pimp it up and jack the price up an extra 50 or 100K. This is how our country got into the mess it’s in. Everyone had to go in debt to afford a house because greedy “investors” made houses unaffordable for the average person. Thanks!

  2. qknic says:

    I dont even know where to begin with you. Your comments make my head spin. 100% of the houses I touch are shacks that are a eye sore on the subjects community. I turn them into attractive livable homes that a buyer or their neighbors would be proud of. I think you need to find a house flipper hater site cause you are at the wrong place!
    wow just wow!

  3. TERESA says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  4. qknic, Great response. I have heard that bizarre sentiment that Wanda shared before. To blame rehabbers for the housing crisis is a complete joke. She really didn’t even deserve a response, but you gave her an appropriate one. You are improving neighborhoods, creating homes for happy customers, and making a living – it’s what this country is all about.
    Keep it up,

  5. qknic says:

    Thanks Mark. By the way awesome website!

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