April 2010 Review (been swamped)

Believe it or not, I am still alive, but my free time to blog lately has been greatly suffering.

We are still buying properties and April was a really good month.

1. We sold one house in April.  It was a wholesale deal.  House #41.

2. We bought 7 houses in April.  House #38-House #43 and House #45.

Here are the yearly goals:

Get to 20 rentals properties (not units)

We are still at seventeen rentals (with all but one of them closed).  Fourteen are rented, two are for rent and one is in purchase escrow. We still have three mot to go and have 6.5 months to get there.

Make 36 Purchases (Rentals, Retail or Wholesale)

We have bought 14 properties so far.  In May, we should have 3 or 4 more closing.  So we are a little ahead of schedule right now which I am excited about.

Raise $250,000 in Private Money – Accomplished

We raised another 150,000 in April.  It is short-term funds, but it gets the job done.  At this pace we might hit $1,000,000 for 2010.

New Goal: Make at least 10 Blog Posts per Month

I like blogging, it is great to keep a record of what is going on and it helps me remember what is important.  To keep myself rolling my goal is to make at least 10 blog posts per month.

How did everyone else do for April?

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3 Responses to “ April 2010 Review (been swamped) ”

  1. Jennifer says:

    10 blogs per month? Wow! That is a mighty big goal :)

    As of today, I am officially a licensed agent with my license hung with a broker! I cannot believe it. I already have my first listing!

    Flips…not so good. Our fist one is still on the market – we didn’t buy well and I really don’t like the area. Second one will be finished this week. I have a way better feeling about this one :)

    Congrats on your accomplishments!

  2. Steve says:

    Congrats Jen. That is awesome! Hopefully you can get the 1st one sold. I’d suggest you figure out how to get rid of it.

  3. Mike Z says:

    Purchased 4 properties (5 Units) at great prices but I am seeing crazy competion in my market from Cash Buyers. Not sure what happend in the last 60 days but it is like the big fish have woken up and bidding up prices. Latest example. Had a agent bring me a deal at 45K that needed 10-12K in work. I bid 42K and get this it was bought for 68K!!! Not sure it will close but it is a cash deal. I might need to adjust my search if it stays crazy for the next 30-45 days

    So your busy – But are you having FUN!!!


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