House #39 Update – First Inspection Approved

House #39 is moving along.  We’re still not sure if we’ll come in on budget, but we’re trying our best!

It took a little while to get the plans approved through the City.  They have outsourced the approval to a private company and only count business days as days they are open (I guess that makes sense).  So that means they’re only running 4 business days a week.

The fun parts, we had to get the plans approved through the school district (to build the exact same house as before) and the home owners association.  So to make a long story short, it took pretty much 5 trips to get the permits fully approved and in-hand.

We have the rough framing done and the roof sheeted.  This week they are finishing the clay tile on the roof and preparing for the electrical, plumbing and HVAC inspections next Monday.

Here are the pictures:

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