House #46 – Location Problems? Before and After Pics

I have not written about House #46 yet, but it is a bit unique.  It is one of the few houses we have purchased with genuine pretty bad “location problems.”  Normally, we probably would not have pursued this house at all but an agent we work with quite a bit got the listing from the bank at a pretty good price.

The house is one lot over from a really busy street, with a bar right next door. Directly across the street from it is a pretty big commercial complex.  These are all big no-no’s in the world of real estate investing.

Now that the market is slowing down a bit I am curious as to what buyers will be willing to pay for this type of properties.  There still is very little competition in this price range.  If they can afford 20% more they can by a much bigger house with no location problems (probably not remodeled as nice though).  An investor might scoop it up as a rental, that would be the ideal scenerio in my books.

Here is the aerial view of the house:

The house is under 1,000 sq ft, built in 1939 and 2 bedroom 1 bathroom with a garage conversion.  We ended up adding a 2nd bathroom in the garage conversion so now it is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house.  As you can imagine all the bedrooms are really small.

Before and After Pictures

Front – Before

Front – After

Family Room – Before

Family Room – After

Main Bathroom – Before

Main Bathroom – After

Dinning Room – Before

Dinning Room – After

Kitchen – Before

Kitchen – After

Master – Before

Master – After

Master Bathroom – Before

We added this bathroom completely and apparently I didn’t take a picture of the laundry room that used to be here.

Master Bathroom – After

Back of House – Before

Back of House – After

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2 Responses to “ House #46 – Location Problems? Before and After Pics ”

  1. Mike Z says:

    Any thoughts of adding a white picket fence to cutes up the front yard and make it more kid/dog friendly given the bar and busy street?
    Nice work as always.

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