Blogging Slump – September Results

September has come and gone and I only made one blog post.  That is terrible.  September was another month full of delays and minor problems.  One purchase got delayed another 30 days… and most likely won’t close until October.  The good news is we are on track still, so everything is rolling forward as planned.


  1. We bought 3 houses.
  2. We rented 1 house.
  3. We sold 1 house (a wholesale deal and a retail deal).

Get to 20 rentals properties (not units)

We are now at 25 rentals; we still have our upped year end goal to try to hit 30 rentals.  Judging by our changes in the market and our negative outlook on the short-term future of pricing getting to 30 is going to be pretty tough.

Make 36 Purchases (Rentals, Retail or Wholesale)

We have made 31 purchases to the end of September.  Right now we have 3 properties in escrow.  One of the three might not close in October, the Seller needs to deal with a major title issue and that will take some time.

Make at least 10 Blog Posts per Month

Oh, this has been my worst month blogging ever.  I have a couple posts written that I need to proof read and post.  I will get better I promise.

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  1. Larry Powell says:

    Good luck getting back on track with blogging. And congrats on your investment progress this month. I’m have just recently entered the world of real estate investing so I’ll be thrilled to just make my first sale. I will certainly be coming back here for advice, education and information. With so many people in financial crisis, I will concentrate on offering options to help folks avoid foreclosure.

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