House #73 Rehabbed and Rented Up

We set pretty ambitious goals with this house, basically hoping for a 10 day minor rehab and to have it rented up with a paying tenant for March 1st.  As of Friday, we got both those accomplished.

The rehab turned out really well, see pictures attached.  We don’t do a ton of business in this city and we though that the area would was a bit above average.  But after talking to some of the neighbors I guess people do not move and many of the neighbors have lived in the area for 30+ years.

How good the area was really showed when we started getting for rent applications, I probably would get 10-15 phone calls a day just off the sign.  The three times I showed the property to potential renters I got at least 2 additional parties knocking on the door asking me to see the inside of the property so they could rent it.

On Friday, we collected the deposit from our new renter.  He will be providing the rest of the move-in funds before March 1st and will move-in on the 1st.  It is nice to get another property rolling and collecting the monthly cash-flow this house should produce.

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