New Year… and Finally a New Post

Well, 2011 is now officially finished.  It was a great year for us and we hit almost all of our goals.

The holiday season being so prevalent I have been thinking a lot about what went right in 2011 and what went wrong.  How to make 2012 even a better year and what to focus on.  We have a new set of goals that are pretty similar to what happened in 2011.  As I have been thinking about this, a quote I have heard comes to my mind.

“The average person spends more time planning their vacation then their finances.”

I was meeting with someone who invests money with us and presenting him an opportunity.  I had not seen him a while so the conversation started with him updating me on how his last trip was and continued with him inviting me to join him on his next trip and giving me the details.  Once we finally got to it, he apologized that he had not had a chance to review the opportunity I had emailed him two weeks ago and would not have time to do anything right now.

Just for fun, I reminded him if he spent half as much time thinking about this investment as he did planning his vacation he would be a lot farther ahead.

Now I am not saying I am against vacations, or don’t take them, but if you do proper planning you can take a lot more of them!

Later this week, I will post a recap of 2011 and what we are planning for 2012.  If anyone has some topics they’d like me to post about specifically let me know, I’ve had a tough time coming up with topics.

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2 Responses to “ New Year… and Finally a New Post ”

  1. Chuck says:


    Looking forward to seeing the 2011 recap. I thought of several ideas for future posts. I am posting about some of these topics later this month, but I would be interested in your perspective as you have a large portfolio of rentals.

    # of days vacant by property for 2011.
    Perhaps a post about rent rate increases or decreases as you filled your vacancies this year. Mistakes you made in 2011 – I made some big ones again this year.

    What about a detailed post on your next purchase about things like how you found the lead, what was your first bid, what was the counter, what terms did you offer, Earnest money, etc? It appears things are turning around down here in Texas as the bidding is really getting competitive. Seeing the same thing in CA?

  2. Darryl says:

    Possible topic of how you advertise your rentals. Personally experiencing issues with “Ghosting” on Craigslist. Any tips or services you use considering your volume of rentals. All the best in 2012!!!!!

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