For Rent Listing versus For Sale Listings in the MLS

A real estate agent told me about the large number of active for rent listings in the MLS.  Typically, private owners don’t list their for rent

I did some research and most of the markets have more “For Rent” listings than “For Sale” listings.

Active Sales
(30 days)
Months For Rent Leased
(30 days)
Moreno Valley 142 136 1.04 204 85 2.40
Riverside 305 338 0.90 179 92 1.95
Fontana 159 167 0.95 126 69 1.83
Bloomington 18 18 1.00 0 3 0.00
Rialto 65 77 0.84 40 21 1.90
Redlands 118 72 1.64 52 37 1.41
Rancho Cucamonga 146 179 0.82 163 96 1.70
San Bernardino 260 185 1.41 163 52 3.13
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3 Responses to “ For Rent Listing versus For Sale Listings in the MLS ”

  1. Chuck says:


    Is this impacted your rent rates at all. Here in the Dallas area we are not seeing that degree of increased rentals. We are seeing a shotage of inventory, homes selling very quickly, and values have really popped beginning this Spring.

    Really nice to see…

  2. Jeff says:

    Our area is showing a shortage, as well, Chuck. I am selling homes in as little as 42 days, in some neighborhoods. I guess it all depends on the demographics of the area and how many families are moving in. In my area, we are growing like wildfire. It’s definitely a welcomed change!

  3. Lance says:

    A new report has come out recently showing that for the first time since the 1960’s there are more people renting than buying. Some areas are probably seeing increases in home sales but with the job market still so uncertain many are hesitating to jump into a mortgage.

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